Meet DR. Stacy Burdick


Location: Salem

Dr. Burdick is originally from California. He went to Corban University where he earned his BA in Family Psychology. He completed his post-graduate residency from the Oregon State Hospital and his Doctorate from Faith International University, with  the focus on equipping his patients to share their Biopsychosociospiritual pain-narratives. He has a particular interest in providing a holistic approach to pain  diagnosis and treatment through the use of holistic personhood centric modalities, family relational genograms, integrative 1:1 and group interventions. 

Dr. Burdick has 40 years of clinical pastoral domestic and international multicultural and bilingual experience, with special interest in helping others build better relationships by listening with empathy, providing validation and adding personhood value for one to internalize. He is the founder of Behavioral Health LLC and a member of AACC. He is currently dual board certified as a clinical chaplain with SCA and ACCC and contracted as a Clinical Pastoral Doctor for NWMBW in Salem, Oregon.

Prior to his current contracting with NWMBW, Dr. Burdick served local law enforcement and first responders by assisting with death notifications, clinical pastoral support and critical incident stress management CISM, throughout the Willamette Valley and various connecting municipalities. Has authored an article in  the local newspaper focused on healthy generativity, presented at GSRMC  concerning Advanced Directives and, OSH concerning cures for coping with mental health experiences. His current curriculum was published this year and he is focused on digitalizing his therapy assessment and treatment. 

Dr. Burdick has lived in the Salem area for 29 years with his wife of 38 years of marriage. He enjoys strength training, music performance, reading and research to be best prepared to help his family and patients. Dr. and his wife enjoy their 3 children, 8 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.


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DR. Stacy Burdick


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